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Shed Sets

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Industrial Shed Garage Skillion Shed Hanger Shed
American Barn Shed Aussie Barn Shed Lean-to Shed Attached Lean-to Shed
Open Farm Shed Carport Skillion Carport Attached Skillion Carport
Small Garage      

Individual Shed Brackets
Apex Bracket Haunch Bracket Inverted Haunch Bracket Double Haunch Bracket
Footing Plate Carport Haunch Bracket Carport Inverted Haunch Bracket Gutter Girt Bracket

Heavy Duty Brackets, Galvanised
Heavy Duty Extension Bracket Heavy Duty Apex Heavy Duty Haunch Heavy Duty Footing Plate.

Pressed Heavy Duty Brackets, Galvanised
Pressed Heavy Duty Set Pressed Heavy Duty Apex Pressed Heavy Duty Haunch Left Pressed Heavy Duty Haunch Right

Individual Shed Bracing
Apex Brace 6" (150 mm) Haunch Brace 6" (150 mm) Inverted Haunch Brace 6" (150 mm) Double Haunch Brace 6" (150 mm)
Apex Brace 8" (200 mm) Haunch Brace 8" (200 mm) Inverted Haunch Brace 8" (200 mm) Double Haunch Brace 8" (200 mm)

Extra Fixings and Fasteners
TrueBolt Masonry Anchor Galvanised Structural Bolt Assembly 8.8 Grade Roof Cladding Screws Wall Cladding Screws Pop Riverts Strap Bracing

Construction Hardware
Paint Drill/Screw Bits Measuring String Line   Special Order

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